Impede the Motion of Data and You Impede Innovation

Nancy J. Delong

Why that is, and what to do about it.

Details drives innovation. At scale, innovation does not happen in isolation. Without having finely tuned, neatly orchestrated facts flows, innovation stalls.

A stubborn false impression relating to facts casts it as mainly static. Photograph streams of facts arriving at facts lakes only to lethargically drift to rest at the bottom — inactive and motionless. Take into consideration the really phrase datalake: it implies a kind of placidity. In individual, when organizations address facts lakes as facts dump sites, they grow to be what’s been dubbed as facts swamps.

Image: Pixabay

Impression: Pixabay


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The Future of Work: Best Managed with Agility, Diversity, Resilience

Nancy J. Delong

The pandemic has had an uneven effects on organizations and industries. Nonetheless, the prevalent thread has been swift and in some cases extraordinary modify.

If 2020 has established anything it’s that modify is the only consistent. At the incredibly beginning of the year, providers were being executing their digital transformation procedures as they had been doing prior to. Then, the lockdowns went into outcome, upending organization procedures everywhere. Now, providers running in various locations are faced with a blended bag of keep at home mandates and the expiration of those people mandates.

Image: Dilok -

Image: Dilok –

[T]he emphasis and will

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These 4 Pandemics Changed the Course of Human History

Nancy J. Delong

Do food shortages, social distancing or political posturing outline your latest lifestyle?

If so, you can at minimum consider some consolation in the reality that it is not the to start with time in history that folks have had to deal with this kind of complications. Life below pandemics this kind of as the Black Death or the 1918 influenza outbreak entailed many of the same disorders we are suffering from right now — and many that had been significantly even worse.

To place matters into historic perspective, we’ve highlighted four previously pandemics and the disorders folks faced.

The Black

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