5 Tips to Choose the Right Plan for your Reseller Hosting Business

Nancy J. Delong

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With most businesses focusing on creating and strengthening their online presence, there has been a marked increase in the number of websites being launched over the last decade. Since every website needs hosting services, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for efficient hosting services. While hosting companies have tried to live up to the increased demand, Hosting Resellers have managed to create profitable businesses by providing customized hosting packages and personalized services to site owners. However, since a Hosting Reseller relies on the parent company for the performance of the server, considering various aspects before you buy a Reseller Hosting plan is crucial to the success of the business. Today, we will share five tips to help you choose the right plan for your Reseller Hosting business.

Tip 1. Don’t fall for the cheapest plans – focus on cost-efficiency

The market is full of hosting providers offering Reseller plans at varying rates. While the price of the plan is important since it will be a major factor determining the price of the packages that you sell to your clients, you must avoid buying a plan only because it is the cheapest. Try to calculate the cost-efficiency of the plans and buy the one that offers the best features and services at the lowest cost.

Tip 2. Know about the running costs of a Reseller Hosting business

While the hosting plan is an obvious cost, there are other costs associated with running a Reseller Hosting business. Does the provider offer customer support to your clients too? If not, then you might have to spend on hiring or outsourcing a team that takes care of all client queries. Look at all running costs that the provider can help you avoid and choose one that is more reseller friendly.

Tip 3. Know your resource requirements before looking for a plan

One of the biggest selling points of a reseller is customized hosting packages. Most resellers focus on a specific market segment and create packages that are tailored to meet their needs. Before you start your business, define the target market, and conduct an in-depth study of the hosting requirements and current pain areas of site owners in the segment. Based on this study, create a hosting package on paper that can work. After you are clear about what you want to offer, start looking for a Reseller Hosting plan that offers resources in sync with your requirements. Also, knowing your resource requirements will help you understand the platform that will work for you (Windows or Linux).

Tip 4. White Label Hosting

Most Hosting Resellers prefer to sell the hosting services in their own name as opposed to the name of the parent company. This allows them to create a business that is independent of the reseller plan they use to power their client’s websites. By doing so, in the future, if they decide to change the parent company, their business is not directly impacted. Most hosting providers offer White Label Hosting that enables you to sell hosting packages under your brand name. Your clients will never know the name of the parent company.

Tip 5. Choose a reliable hosting company

When you start a Reseller Hosting business, remember that the performance of your hosting packages relies on that of the server managed by the hosting company. Therefore, it is important to select one that is reliable and has a good track record. Research about the uptimes, data center, support, server hardware, etc. of the company before buying.

In a nutshell

Don’t rush into buying a Reseller Hosting plan. Create a business plan, research the market, understand what you want to offer, and then start looking. Remember, choosing the right Web Hosting Reseller plan can be the difference between success and failure of your business. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and choose wisely. Good Luck!

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