Amazon Honeycode lets non-developers build apps

Nancy J. Delong

With Amazon Honeycode, released June 24, 2020, Amazon Website Expert services is supplying a managed AWS services that lets non-specialized buyers to build mobile and website applications devoid of producing any code. 

Now in beta, Honeycode takes advantage of a spreadsheet design, permitting buyers to leverage what they know about spreadsheets and formulas. The target is to permit brief progress of custom applications devoid of acquiring to wait for the IT division or developers to uncover the time to do so. As a substitute, non-programmers this sort of as organization analysts, finance supervisors, and specialized method supervisors can build these applications by using a visual interface.

Honeycode handles the creation of the 3 tiers of performance identified in most organization applications: database, organization logic, and user interface. Honeycode supplies templates for popular applications, permitting buyers to personalize these applications, with alterations staying deployed quickly.

The checklist of Honeycode templates is as follows:

  • Content material tracker
  • Client tracker
  • Event management
  • Field services agent
  • Inventory management
  • PO approvals
  • Simple survey
  • Simple to-do
  • Group activity tracker
  • Timeoff reporting
  • Weekly demo routine

Honeycode buyers can start off with an empty desk or by importing current facts in CSV sort. They can attract on a palette of user interface objects together with buttons, lists, and input fields when making their applications, and make use of induce-pushed actions that modify tables and create email notifications.

Honeycode’s built-in features involve Filter, which returns rows that match filter ailments Getrow, which returns a rowlink primarily based on an offset to a precise row and Indexrow, which returns a rowlink by index in a precise domain.

To get started out with Honeycode, pay a visit to the Honeycode Builder to make an account. Honeycode is no cost for teams of twenty buyers or fewer and for 2,500 rows for each workflow.

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