Amazon SageMaker Model Parallelism: A General and Flexible Framework for Large Model Training

Nancy J. Delong

Recently, there has been an exponential boost in the dimensions of the condition-of-the-art deep understanding products. Consequently, researchers generate the alternatives of partitioning the model parameters and other memory-consuming education states throughout gadgets.

A new study proposes a basic, adaptable, and extensible framework for significant model education.

Graphic credit history: Amazon SageMaker

It consists of pipeline and tensor parallelism, as perfectly as other popular memory-conserving features. The library can take negligible hard work to combine with a manufacturer-new script, irrespective of the model architecture and the API utilised. A pipeline parallelism engine consists of a load-balancing vehicle-partitioning algorithm and pipelining runtime for arbitrary model architectures dependent on module-server style.

A basic and extensible tensor parallelism framework applies to a wider selection of scenarios than existing alternatives. A set of experiments demonstrates the overall performance of the library.

With deep understanding products quickly developing in dimensions, devices-degree alternatives for significant-model education are expected. We present Amazon SageMaker model parallelism, a application library that integrates with PyTorch, and permits simple education of significant products employing model parallelism and other memory-conserving features. In contrast to existing alternatives, the implementation of the SageMaker library is a lot a lot more generic and adaptable, in that it can automatically partition and run pipeline parallelism in excess of arbitrary model architectures with negligible code modify, and also features a basic and extensible framework for tensor parallelism, which supports a wider selection of use cases, and is modular ample to be quickly used to new education scripts. The library also preserves the indigenous PyTorch user expertise to a a lot bigger diploma, supporting module re-use and dynamic graphs, even though supplying the user full handle in excess of the specifics of the education phase. We evaluate overall performance in excess of GPT-three, RoBERTa, BERT, and neural collaborative filtering, and reveal competitive overall performance in excess of existing alternatives.

Investigation paper: Karakus, C., “Amazon SageMaker Product Parallelism: A Common and Adaptable Framework for Large Product Training”, 2021. Link: muscles/2111.05972

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