Angular, React, Vue: JavaScript frameworks compared

When taking into consideration Respond, Angular, and Vue, the initially point to be aware is that they have the identical notion at their cores: facts binding. The notion listed here is that the framework assumes the do the job of tying the state of the software to the active features of the interface. Each and every framework has its own idioms for carrying out this, but it is the elevated clarity of design in state-driven facts binding that distinguishes this generation of frameworks from the former just one.

This kind of automated state-driven architecture is often referred to as a reactive program.

Condition-driven parts

Determine 1 describes how state manifestation is managed with out these kinds of frameworks. Determine two describes how it is managed with the frameworks.

Determine 1. With no facts binding

dev ui data binding smIDG

Determine 1.

Determine two. With facts binding through Angular, Respond, and Vue

web ui data binding smIDG

Determine two.


The frameworks also align in staying part-primarily based. This is not a new notion: Each and every area of the person interface is represented by a part. The code in the part decides what is shown and how the check out behaves. Bundling state-driven facts binding into parts provides the essential gain to all 3 frameworks that tends to make them superior in advanced interfaces to what went just before.

Market adoption profiles

Now we will choose a glimpse at the existence of each framework in the market, to get a glimpse at the level of adoption and viability. What I imply listed here is, when you select a framework for a new undertaking, or make a decision on which framework to find out, you want to be sure you are adopting a framework that is going to be productive in excess of the extensive phrase.

Determine 3 appears to be like at the selection of watchers each framework has on Stack Overflow. A several issues are distinct from this chart. All 3 frameworks have a powerful existence on Stack Overflow, whilst Vue is significantly powering with just in excess of fifty,000 watchers. ReactJS has a commanding lead, which has elevated in excess of the previous 12 months.

Determine 3. Stack Overflow Watchers

so watchers large IDG

Determine 3.

Determine four appears to be like at GitHub stars. Listed here Angular usually takes final location, lagging significantly powering. Interestingly, Vue is in the lead, and very well ahead of Respond, indicating a wonderful offer of curiosity (if not actual use) in the undertaking. In each situation, in excess of the final 12 months, the frameworks have revealed escalating curiosity at about the identical rate.

Determine four. GitHub Stars

github stars large IDG

Determine four.

GitHub stars are inclined to replicate people’s theoretical curiosity in a undertaking. Determine 5 appears to be like at weekly NPM downloads, which is an indicator of active, simple use of the jobs.

Attractiveness choose-away

Each and every of these frameworks appears to have enough up-choose to be extensive-phrase viable. React’s reputation implies it is easier to locate builders who know it, and easier to locate employers that are using the services of for it.

Determine 5. NPM downloads (weekly)

npm weekly large IDG

Determine 5.

The truth that leaps out in Determine 5 is that the actual active use of frameworks goes to ReactJS by a landslide. Respond has just about twice as a lot of weekly downloads as the other two frameworks put together. It’s no surprise that Respond is the most in-use framework, but it’s notable just how considerable its lead is.

Complex comparison

You’ve observed how the frameworks are conceptually identical, and experienced a glimpse at their relative existence in the market. Now let us have a glimpse at their specialized elements.


Angular two+ was “designed from over.” That is, a bunch of good people today sat down and made the decision what would make for the best front-stop JavaScript framework.

In a lot of strategies, they succeeded: Angular is a quite complete framework. On the other hand, Angular can truly feel frustrating to find out and use the framework, as you are promptly essential to learn a significant established of interacting features (solutions, dependency injection, and so forth.) to realize anything at all.

Angular is supposed to incorporate every little thing you could possibly require to acquire significant-scale front ends. In comparison, Respond depends on group-formulated plug-ins (for router aid, for occasion).

Finally, you as a developer are within a code-imagined-device that wishes you to conform to its beliefs and conventions.

On the as well as aspect, the wholesale adoption of ReactiveX (RxJS) across the board is ground breaking and ahead-contemplating. Not only does it imply all the function managing needs (intra-part, inter-part, again-stop provider calls, and so forth.) are managed through the identical system, but the identical very well-crafted framework (ReactiveX) and its discovering will transfer to any other language you can visualize.

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