Apple activist reportedly fired after deleting files on work device

Nancy J. Delong

jannake parish

Janneke Parrish, an Austin-centered personnel who labored on Apple Maps, is a leader of #AppleToo.

An Apple plan supervisor who posted nameless tales of discrimination from employees at the tech giant has reportedly been canned. 

Janneke Parrish, an Austin-centered personnel who labored at Apple Maps, runs #AppleToo, an on the internet story-sharing team. of alleged “racism, sexism, inequality, discrimination, intimidation, repression, coercion, abuse, unjust punishment, and unrestricted privilege” faced by Apple employees.

 According to The Verge, she was fired very last 7 days for deleting files – including the Google Generate, Robinhood, and Pokemon Go apps – from her operate gadget for the duration of a firm investigation. 

In a tweet, Parrish, 30, hinted that she was fired in retaliation for her operate with #AppleToo. the ideal thing, “he stated. But we are performing the ideal thing mainly because it is really the ideal thing. # AppleToo is about inquiring Apple to do greater to end systemic discrimination, abuse, and fork out inequality. 

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