Apple Mac Pro (2019): A ‘hands-off’ review

Nancy J. Delong

How can a Mac Pro expense $52,599? There are a several extras
Apple’s new Mac Pro has landed, and whilst the starting up rate is only — only — $5,999, that rapidly spirals to $52,599 with a several clicks.

Apple has been earning much more of an effort and hard work to attain out to its qualified consumers in current months, with a series of updates to the MacBook Pro range, including an totally new 16-inch design that was introduced at the conclusion of 2019. But, of program, the missing piece of that particular puzzle has been the new Mac Pro — the desktop tower procedure declared by Apple last summer, but then delayed till the conclusion of last yr. 

Apple experienced been with out a desktop supplying for its qualified consumers for a number of yrs, acquiring intended alone into a corner with the cylindrical ‘trashcan’ Mac Pro that it launched in 2013. There was a ‘pro’ version of the all-in-a single iMac launched in 2017, but that was obviously meant as a stop-hole whilst the at any time-secretive company publicly dropped hints that it was absolutely rethinking its method for the Mac Pro.


The 2019 Mac Pro commences at £5,499 (inc. VAT) or $5,999. Thoroughly specified, and paired with the 32-inch Pro Display screen XDR watch, you’ll shell out nearly ten occasions that a lot.

Image: Apple

The modular Mac

Even just before the announcement of the Mac Pro at last year’s WWDC, Apple executives experienced been dropping the term ‘modular’ into some of their general public reviews, so it arrived as no surprise to see that the new Mac Pro reverted to a much more common tower structure (not in contrast to the popular Mac Pro tower procedure that it abandoned in 2013).

But whilst the gleaming metallic tower of the 2019 Mac Pro could prompt nostalgia in long-time Mac consumers, the overall performance of this new design is quite a lot condition-of-the-artwork. Prices for the Mac Pro now begin at £5,499 inc. VAT (£4,582.50 ex. VAT, or $5,999) for a regular tower design, or £5,999 inc. VAT (£4,999.16 ex. VAT, or $6,499) for the rack-mount version. Individuals prices incorporate an eight-main Xeon W processor managing at 3.5GHz (4.0GHz with TurboBoost), along with 32GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB of good-condition storage and a Radeon Pro 580X GPU with 8GB of movie RAM. Improve selections incorporate twelve-, 16-, 24-, and even 28-main processors, and you can also configure up to 1.5TB of RAM, 8TB of storage, and twin Radeon Pro Vega II graphics cards.

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You could also toss in Apple’s new 32-inch Pro Display screen XDR with 6K resolution, along with its glare-lowering nano-texture glass enhance and ‘pro’ stand — the ability to regulate the height and tilt of the display screen are ‘pro’ attributes, according to Apple. That brings the entirely-loaded rate of the Mac Pro to a princely £52,807 inc. VAT (£44,005.83 ex. VAT, or $fifty eight,397).

‘Hands-off’ assessment

The sheer expense of the new Mac Pro could reveal Apple’s reluctance to offer assessment models to ZDNet and other media shops. In truth, the company’s over-protective instincts even led it to forbid photography at the current demo session we attended in London (despite the fact that Apple did offer some photography of its individual soon after the occasion).


Modifying numerous streams of 8K movie? The new Mac Pro can manage that.

Image: Apple/Olivier Hess

“Yes, it truly is a much more expensive device,” claimed Thomas Grove Carter of Trim Modifying, who demonstrated the Mac Pro at the occasion. “But it truly is allowing us to do things we could not do just before.” Which includes, according to Carter, doing the job with numerous streams of 8K movie for multi-angle modifying.


Subscriptions for higher-conclusion animation and CAD computer software increase to the rate of a Mac Pro set up.

Image: Apple/Olivier Hess  

That was echoed by James Rodgers of Lunar Animation, who furnished a much more numerical indicator of the new system’s overall performance. Just one of Lunar’s existing tasks makes use of Autodesk’s Maya animation computer software to generate a scene in which a Skeleton ‘god’ raises skeletal minions from the ground. Making use of an more mature iMac Pro only permitted Lunar’s designers to depict the god and two minions, whilst the new Mac Pro permitted the Skeleton god to surround himself with a much more imposing horde of eight minions. And, placing the rate of the Mac Pro into perspective, Rogers also pointed out that the Maya computer software alone necessitates an annual subscription of £1,782 inc. VAT (£1,485 ex. VAT, or $1,545), with some CAD computer software deals staying even much more expensive.


The 2019 Mac Pro dominates the Geekbench 5 CPU benchmark rankings for Macs. A twelve-main 2019 Mac Pro provides a sixty five% much better multi-main score (11724) than its twelve-main 2013 conterpart (7085), for example. 

Visuals: Apple / Primate Labs

There is no denying that the new Mac Pro presents remarkable overall performance for qualified consumers. All that remains now is for Apple to encourage people consumers that it truly is significant about the pro current market when once again — soon after yrs of focusing all its endeavours on the all-conquering Apple iphone.

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