7 Golden Rules for Picking a Domain Name for Your Business

Getting domains in bulk means getting a lot of domain names all at once. So, the name “bulk domains” comes from the fact that you can buy a lot of domains at once from a good domain name company.  

Buying domain names from the start is a good idea. You don’t have to worry about following a certain line or TLD growth, which can be very expensive for the first person to buy it. How many names you should buy depends on your business and what you think looks good. To use every bit of the available domain is a crazy thing to do. In addition,, a good rule of thumb is to pick the TLD extension that fits your area and place. Why do you want to buy a lot of domain names? Let’s look at what’s good about doing this:  

Getting many TLDs (bulk names) for your business and the benefits of doing so:  

  1. Keeps your business safe from rivals 

Business is a tough way to make a living, and the Internet only makes things more dangerous. If you register the “” domain and leave it there, there’s nothing to stop your competitors from registering a similar domain with other popular extensions, like “” or “” Point it to your site as well.  

But this can confuse customers and cause you to lose them if they like what they see in a competing shop. Competitors may also come to you in the future and ask to trade the domain name for a price that is much higher than if you bought it directly.  

  1. Lets you target a specific group of people and an extra place 

If your site or subdomain is geared towards a certain group, it makes sense to buy a domain name that fits with that group. For example, if you have a section of your site that is all about moms, you could use “” If you want to attract people who like coffee, you could try “your site.espresso.”  

If your site links to a specific location or a lot of locations, you need to buy the TLD for that location. It is always clear in the country, but if you need to, you can find it in the city. Other TLDs with country codes, are city-specific. Some clear geo TLDs have specific registration requirements, like if your business is actually in a certain country, so you should think about those too before trying to buy anything.  

  1. Helps tell the sub-brands and sub-domains apart from the main brand site 

Assuming you have at least one branding boost related to your main brand, setting up separate sites and domain names for your sub-brands is a great way to separate them, and you can get more domains for your main brand in internet search results pages (SERP). This is already being done by a lot of big brands, and Procter and Gamble is a great example. This American company with offices all over the world has different websites for each of its brands, like Crest, Pampers, and others. Other top-level domains (TLDs) can also be a great way to make article pages stand out in a nice way. Let’s say you have a general game site where you sell different things related to a certain game. Separate specific article pages with different expansions, such as.bicycle for articles about cycling,.run for articles about running,.tennis,.soccer,.ski, and a few others.  

  1. Gives a lot of value and clarity to your TLD 

The small but interesting change to its main domain name is a great way to make it easier to remember. You can choose a TLD that shows what part of your website it for polls about movies,.design for posts about fashion, for your blog’s blog section.  

Real-world examples of using TLDs include, a music control management site that uses the letters “fm,” which have always been linked to music and streaming. In the meantime, the URL is less open. You can also use more than one top-level domain if you want the URL of your site to be a single word. The computerised office at Modern Tribe goes well with the domain.  


So, I hope you now know what bulk domain is and why you should consider it. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below. Also, if you wish to register domain names, ensure that a good provider is your partner because that can make a hell of a difference.