Even the Ingenuity Mars helicopter might be vulnerable to log4j

Nancy J. Delong

The panic encompassing Log4Shell, the now-notorious log4j vulnerability, has reached all the way to Mars, in which peculiar actions from NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has elevated fears.

The Ingenuity helicopter reached the surface of Mars along with the Perseverance rover again in February 2021, and took flight for the 17th time on December five. On the other hand, as it was descending, an “unexpected cut-off to the in-flight knowledge stream” transpired, which resulted in the NASA team not understanding exactly what the status of the craft was, the firm explained.

As the incident coincided with the log4j vulnerability disclosure, some folks have begun to hook up the dots. The theory originated with a June Twitter write-up from The Apache Software Foundation, which states the helicopter mission is “powered by Apache log4j”.

NASA is yet to remark on claims log4j may possibly have experienced a thing to do with the issue.

Ingenuity is wonderful

In the exact same web site write-up, NASA later describes that a abide by-up investigation established the flight a good results.

“Perseverance serves as the helicopter’s communications base station with controllers on Earth. A handful of knowledge radio packets the rover gained later prompt a healthy helicopter on the surface but did not supply plenty of information for the team to declare a flight good results,” wrote the room company.

“But knowledge downlinked to mission engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California on Friday, Dec ten, indicates that Flight seventeen was a good results and that Ingenuity is in outstanding condition.”

Log4j is a Java logger that was recently discovered to keep a critical flaw, which allows destructive actors (even these with pretty little skill) to run arbitrary code on millions of endpoints, and push out malware, ransomware and cryptominers.

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