HackerEarth Machine Learning challenge: Calculate the severity of an airplane accident

Nancy J. Delong

Traveling has been the go-to method of journey for years now it is time-conserving, reasonably priced, and extremely effortless. According to the FAA, two,781,971 passengers fly each working day in the US, as in June 2019. Passengers reckon that traveling is really safe and sound, taking into consideration demanding inspections are done and safety actions are taken to prevent and/or mitigate any mishappenings. Nevertheless, there keep on being a few odds of regrettable incidents.

Graphic credit: Invoice Larkins/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA two.


Equipment mastering is an software of artificial intelligence (AI) that supplies units with the ability to immediately learn and increase from practical experience with out being explicitly programmed. Equipment Discovering is a science that establishes styles in details. These styles deliver deeper this means to issues and assist you to 1st understand issues superior and then resolve the exact with class.

Submission to this Challenge will have to be been given by 03:00 AM EET Feb 09 2020.

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