How Did Dinosaurs Mate? | Discover Magazine

Nancy J. Delong

Dinosaurs manufactured other dinosaurs. The period of their presence makes that distinct adequate. But how did dinosaurs go about courting and mating with every single other?

No a person has discovered two dinosaurs lovingly intertwined just yet. Nor has anybody discovered dinosaur tracks or traces that document the act. But the fossil document has delivered the bookends to these important moments.

Even while we just cannot see non-avian dinosaurs in the flesh, trace fossils discovered in Colorado and somewhere else document at minimum a person species’ courtship ritual. Scratch marks in the floor — not unlike people manufactured by some fashionable floor-dwelling birds — give us a clue that some dinosaurs in all probability showed off to probable mates.

And all dinosaurs laid eggs. No a person has discovered evidence of dinosaurs providing reside start — and, just like some birds now, dinosaurs laid clutches of a number of eggs. Whether or not we ever fill in the middle minute of this sequence is up for the fossil document to decide.

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