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Authenticating your brand with the right tools and technologies is necessary to create a trustworthy relationship with the target audience. Regarding email communication, relying solely on the email content is not enough.

Businesses constantly seek to include a distinctive identity to attract favourable email engagement metrics. This is where Australian domain hosts come into the picture, as they allow businesses to create a unique domain for their brand, which can then easily facilitate management and scalability objectives.

Moreover, domain email hosting attracts multiple other benefits, making it a great investment.

Let us discuss the key features of Australian email hosting providers and how they differ from free email hosting providers below.

All About Email Hosting

Email hosting allows organisations to manage complete email communication centrally. With effective email hosting, businesses control the entire cycle of sending and receiving emails between all stakeholders, ensuring a proper flow and storage with maximum security and efficiency.

Types of Email Hosting

There are commonly two types of email hosting providers: free and business email hosting. Each offers advantages based on the objective of professional or personal email communication.

Free email hosting is a solution that permits businesses to create email accounts using the email server as part of their email addresses. For example, “[email protected]”. Top free email hosting providers include Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Business email hosting is a dedicated online solution for brands looking to add their custom domain name as part of the email addresses within an organisation. For example, “[email protected]

Most dedicated email hosting providers offer a range of packages for businesses to choose and customise as per company size, required features, number of email addresses, etc.

Why is Business Email Hosting Better?

For personal use, the free email hosting providers offer ample storage space, built-in features for efficient communication and easier account management. However, free email hosting might not be a great fit on a business level.

Business email hosting is designed to ease brand communication load without compromising email quality or security. Some of the main reasons why business email hosting is better than free email hosting include:

  • Brand Name Inclusion

One of the top advantages of business email hosting is that it completely customises email addresses using a company domain name. With the use of custom email accounts, the scope of increased open rate and engagement rises.

The main reason behind this is the professionalism showcased to the users with the custom domain name email accounts. This increases the trust among the users and creates an authentic and credible brand image.

  • Improved Account Safety and Management

Email communication is entirely online, so the possibility of potential external threats tapping into the system is high. With business email hosting, a high level of security is introduced within the network system, allowing complete protection for all email accounts while creating a backup of all shared data for easier accessibility.

Business email hosting also works towards incorporating multiple layers of protection for account access using multiple advanced technologies and tools. Examples include multi-factor authentication, spam filters, email encryption, etc.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

Most business email hosting providers offer constant customer support for any query or issue resolution. 

This is necessary as email communication for any business is extremely crucial, and loopholes or gaps within the email hosting service can cause poor reputation and loss of essential data.

  • Better Accessibility

Multiple business email hosting providers offer a list of add-on features and tools to improve email accessibility throughout the network system. 

Moreover, they often have custom applications that can enhance accessibility on multiple devices. This is most helpful for companies with hybrid or remote teams.

Final Thoughts

Assessing your objectives and requirements is the first step for any business looking for the best business email hosting in Australia or worldwide. Business email hosting providers can help you with improved brand image, better communication flow, increased data storage and security and much more. Choose the business email hosting provider that aligns with your needs and enjoy the benefits.