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IPVanish sells by itself short. This VPN service features a large amount additional functionality than it encourages on its property web site. If you take a look at the IPVanish web page, you may see all the normal things that you’d anticipate from a VPN supplier. There’s the claim that it is really “the world’s greatest VPN” facts about the rewards of protected searching a listing of testimonials from media retailers and consumers pricing and a listing of apps. In other words and phrases, the exact same things you are likely to see when you take a look at the internet sites of most other VPN suppliers.

What IPVanish would not inform you is that it is really prosperous with choices and facts. While its app surely would make it quick to just simply click-and-go, if you want to make an educated server alternative, opt for protocols, protections, and choices, IPVanish offers you that functionality.

The factor is, you only discover this wealth of choices and searching controls the moment you’ve established an account and downloaded and installed the app. For buyers new to VPNs, it would make feeling to disguise the electrical power powering a bunch of tabs. But IPVanish might appeal to additional educated buyers (and influencers who recommend program to others) by offering a tab on its web page about the choices and electrical power it supplies to buyers who dig a very little deeper.

  • IP Addresses: forty,000+
  • Servers: 1,900+
  • Destinations: 75+
  • Simultaneous connections: unlimited (phrases of service implement)
  • Eliminate swap: yes
  • Logging: no
  • Selling price: $ten.99 for each thirty day period, or $44.99 for each calendar year
  • Most effective deal: $44.99 for 1 complete calendar year (renewals thereafter at $89.99/calendar year)
  • Demo: 30-day funds-back again assure
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, MacOS, Home windows, Linux, routers, Amazon Hearth gadgets, any Android-centered media system

Server selection choices

I like how IPVanish supplies the possibility for VPN geeks to dig deeper into its relationship options. At the fundamental stage, there is certainly a Rapid Join solution that allows you to just force a Join button and be up and operating.


But if you want to discover additional deeply, you can hit the Server Record tab. I like the Map tab the greatest, for the reason that it displays equally the cities exactly where servers are located and the number of servers in every single city.


The listing view allows you to lookup for a spot, and then form by a assortment of standards.


Filter brings together equally place specification and expected latency. I chose <50ms in the image below. Interestingly enough, I got the same list whether or not I was connected to a VPN server at the time.


There’s one more promising function in IPVanish which is almost great. IPVanish features a server standing web site (in fact forty eight internet pages), which allows you to appear at every single server, see how significantly of the server’s sources are in use, and whether or not performance is in the inexperienced.


Sadly (and this is why we almost truly like it, fairly than just truly like it), you won’t be able to lookup the listing. If you want to find out the standing of the two New Delhi servers, you have to hit web site numbers randomly right up until you find the ideal servers.

Link choices

IPVanish also offers you a number of relationship choices. You can opt for amongst OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP as the active protocol you want to use when connecting. This is a trace: really don’t ever opt for PPTP. Even as significantly back again as 2004, we ended up warning that PPTP was vulnerable to assault.


Over and above protocol alternative, you can enable leak defense — form of (we will speak about that beneath). You can also enable a eliminate swap should really your relationship to the VPN server be damaged. This will come with an important solution to block the visitors on your regional network, which might in any other case leak out from the instantly open relationship.

If you are using OpenVPN, you can opt for the port you want to use. For individuals nervous about whether or not or not your use of a VPN can be detected, you can — form of (once more, additional on that beneath) — disguise your OpenVPN visitors, so it would not appear like it is really coming from a VPN. Eventually, you can install or fix an OpenVPN driver if you so want to do so.

The other options tabs make it possible for you to opt for whether or not IPVanish commences when Home windows commences, as effectively as set whether or not you want to instantly hook up to the very last server you ended up connected to, or a server in a certain place.


Overall performance tests

I installed the IPVanish app on a fresh, completely-up-to-date Home windows ten install. To do this sort of tests, I often use a fresh install so some other firm’s VPN leftovers aren’t clogging up the procedure and potentially influencing final results. I have a 1 gig fiber feed, so my baseline network speed is pretty quick.

To give a truthful US performance comparison, fairly than comparing to my regional fiber broadband supplier, I use speedtest.internet and picked a Comcast server in Chicago to examination down load speed. Weirdly sufficient, although I was equipped to set up a speedtest.internet relationship to the Comcast server when connected by my ISP, I was not able to do so using IPVanish. The final results beneath present connections to a Dallas server operated by CCleaner as an alternative.

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For the reason of tests, I utilised the Rapid Join solution and, for every single place tested, chose the Most effective City and Most effective Server choices in order to use the most best VPN relationship.

Over and above the US, I tested connections to Sweden, Australia, and India. For every single examination, I connected to every single server 3 times. The number demonstrated beneath is the ordinary result of all 3 connections. I required to hook up to servers in Russia and Taiwan, as I have completed in other checks, but IPVanish would not run servers in individuals international locations.

While I was connected, I also ran DNS and WebRTC leak checks (to make sure that DNS and IP are protected) using DNSLeak.com, ipleak.internet, and dnsleaktest.com. These checks are fundamental safety checks and not significantly additional. If you are preparing on using IPVanish (or any VPN service) to disguise your id for lifestyle and death good reasons, be sure to do significantly additional substantial tests.

And with that caveat, in this article are the final results:

Speed Check Server

Baseline down load speed with out VPN (better is much better)

Ping speed with out VPN (decrease is much better)

Time to hook up to VPN

Download speed with VPN (better is much better)

Ping speed with VPN (decrease is much better)


Dallas – CCleaner

532.seventy two Mbps

50 ms

two sec

56.51 Mbps

seventy nine ms

Almost certainly not

Stockholm, Sweden – Datacom

242.seventy eight Mbps

187 ms

three sec

25.03 Mbps

194 ms

Almost certainly not

Moscow, Russia – Rostelecom

41.66 Mbps

208 ms





Taipei, Taiwan – NCIC Telecom

94.seventeen Mbps

173 ms





Perth, Australia – Telstra

157.54 Mbps

217 ms

eight sec

49.52 Mbps

264 ms

Almost certainly not

Hyderabad, India – Excitel

239.32 Mbps

283 ms

9 sec

five.ninety seven Mbps

372 ms

Almost certainly not

Suitable off the bat, there ended up two matters I found. First, VPN relationship speed was insane quick. Several VPN expert services get practically half a minute to hook up. When connecting to a US-centered server, I scarcely had time to begin recording the time just before the relationship was full.

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Second, all connections semi-unsuccessful the leak checks. All the servers I tested did report probable DNS leakage using DNSLeak.com.


While they did not expose my property DNS server, they did expose that I was using an IPVanish host. That signifies that businesses that want to block VPN visitors can conveniently do so. Far worse is the implication that if you are making an attempt to disguise the actuality that you are using a VPN from authorities authorities, IPVanish would not do so. This could be catastrophic, for illustration, if you use the service from the UAE, which sentences jail time and extreme fines for VPN use.

In looking at these numbers, it is really probable to get carried absent by the distinction in the baseline speed as opposed to the VPN speed. Which is not the greatest measurement, for the reason that these checks ended up completed using broadband more than fiber, so my relationship speed is incredibly high.

When you use a VPN service, it is really natural for performance to drop. Immediately after all, you are operating all your packets by an totally artificial infrastructure designed to disguise your route. The genuine numbers you should really appear at are the down load speed and the ping speed. Are they high sufficient to do the do the job you want to do?

Ping speed is an sign of how promptly a reaction gets back again after a network ask for is despatched from your laptop or computer. Some of the restrictions in this article are because of to precise physics. If you are sending a packet throughout the earth, it will get more time to hear back again than if you are sending a packet throughout town.

For the international locations I tested, with the exception of India, IPVanish down load performance was pretty good. Considering the fact that you really don’t truly want additional than about six-eight Mbps to stream Hd video clip from sites like YouTube, the IPVanish connections ended up surely quick sufficient.

India’s an appealing situation. In some other VPN checks I have completed, performance by a VPN was essentially unusable. With IPVanish, I received practically six Mbps, which is tolerable, but surely not great, especially thinking about how quick my native relationship was to the Indian examination server.

IPVanish also operates only two servers in India. At the time of tests, they ended up equally only scarcely used.


My expertise of the performance checks will not likely mirror your needs. You have to test it oneself. First, make sure the place you want to hook up to is built accessible by IPVanish. It has 60 international locations represented now. Second, with only a 7-day funds-back again assure, really don’t dawdle. Join using IPVanish as quickly as you signal up and examination it out completely to be sure it will meet up with your needs just before the short refund period of time operates out.

Privateness and safety features

With out exterior auditing by an impartial and dependable verification entity, it is really difficult to inform whether or not or not any VPN company is actually hiding your tracks from authorities authorities. That mentioned, the company explained to us, “We have inside and exterior counsel that we use to confirm our privacy procedures match our privacy methods.”

Owing to the gag laws inherent in lots of national safety rules throughout the environment, even with exterior auditing, it might not be probable to verify whether or not a VPN supplier is actually hiding your facts from governments. Is this a dilemma? That is dependent on your good reasons for using a VPN.

If you are using a VPN to secure your Wi-Fi visitors although surfing in a espresso store, most VPN suppliers will meet up with your needs. They are encrypting and tunneling your visitors from your laptop or computer, by the open Wi-Fi network, and out to a server somewhere on the online. Some reviewers say that for the reason that IPVanish is a US-centered company, and therefore topic to US legislation, it has restricted safety. The actuality is, in critical instances, it would not truly subject what place a VPN supplier calls its headquarters. Governments will often have the sources to defeat a compact personal firm’s methods.

If you are using a VPN to disguise in any way from nation condition scrutiny, no VPN is immune from aggressive authorities intervention. Which is why we ended up careful about the leakage discussion over. But some VPN expert services do disguise the actuality that their buyers are using a VPN much better than IPVanish. If you just want to make sure none of your regional espresso store patrons can find out exactly where you live, VPNs can assistance. But if you are hiding from a key spy company, effectively, you are taking your lifestyle into your own hands.

As we discussed over, IPVanish features a assortment of encryption protocols, a eliminate swap function, and the potential to shut down network visitors on relationship failure. These are all great. IPVanish also claims, “We really don’t host any details or files, and really don’t retain relationship or activity logs of our consumers. This would make it fairly quick for us to react to DMCA takedown requests.”

The bottom line

IPVanish is an appealing presenting. On 1 hand, it is really ideal for the client who just desires to be harmless although surfing, but much less than ideal for the dissident who desires to move facts to activists although not staying caught by a authorities.

On the other hand, IPVanish features deep configuration choices, so if you are looking for specific types of encryption, want to specify active features, or get concerned in the certain server you are routing by, you can. We also like how the company allows you to have ten simultaneous connections, which signifies you can have a entire bunch of gadgets route by the service with out acquiring to interrupt connections.

In phrases of cost, the products is neither the most or the minimum expensive of the solutions we’ve presently seemed at. Speaking subjectively and individually, I found the application a satisfaction to use. What I did not like was the short 7-day funds-back again assure period of time. While it is really surely probable to get a fundamental come to feel for the products in a several days, 30 days allows for anyone who’s actively touring to get a several visits and examination the products from unique spots.

We’re amazed with how the company is approaching its infrastructure. They explained to us, “We own and run our own network, such as the servers, racks, cables, and even some stage to stage fiber connections. We put our gear in some of the greatest details facilities through the environment, to assure initial course speed and redundancy.”

It really is a great products with plenty of choices and a great user expertise. If you want expert services in each place or you are some sort of spy, this might not be for you. But if you want to secure your network communication for every day use, IPVanish is a winner.

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