It’s official, these are the most hated programming languages around

Nancy J. Delong

The Q&A website for professional programmers Stack Overflow has unveiled its most current developer survey revealing that COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is the most hated programming language by developers.

To far better comprehend which programming languages are the most liked and the most hated, the firm surveyed above 80,000 developers from 181 international locations about the planet. Stack Overflow did this by asking them which programming languages they labored with in the previous yr, which kinds they want to work with up coming yr and what languages have they used in the previous that they you should not want to work with up coming yr.

COBOL, which is used on mainframe computer systems, took the leading spot for most hated programming language followed by VBA, Matlab, Aim-C and Groovy.

Though developers generally you should not have a probability to pick the programming language used by their organizations, enterprises ought to get take note of Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Study when developing work adverts as they might want to supply a bit extra to fill positions that require the use of COBOL, Assembly, Perl, C and other fewer popular programming languages.

Most liked programming languages

Stack Overflow’s developer survey also get rid of gentle on the most liked programming languages and for the sixth yr in a row, Rust has taken the leading spot as developer’s most “loved language”.

Though Rust is the most liked, only five,044 of the developers surveyed nominated it compared to TypeScript which took the 3rd spot with a complete of 18,711 nominations. For those unfamiliar, TypeScript is Microsoft’s get on JavaScript with a sort process that compiles into JavaScript to support strengthen developers’ productivity.

The most liked programming languages also include things like Clojure, Elixir, Julia, Python, Dart, Swift, Node.js and Go.

If you are intrigued in observing which databases, cloud computing platforms, internet frameworks, developer equipment, on-line collaboration computer software and running programs developers prefer, than it really is absolutely really worth getting a look at the relaxation of the outcomes from Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Study.

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