Meet the AI-Controlled Drone That Flies Faster Than Human Pilots

Nancy J. Delong

This tale was originally printed in our March/April 2022 problem as “Flying Solo.” Simply click here to subscribe to read through more stories like this one particular.

Human drone pilots have constantly been more efficient than their robotic counterparts — right until now. Scientists at the College of Zurich produced an algorithm that finds the quickest path for a drone navigating a 3D racecourse in an indoor flight arena. The algorithm conquer two experienced drone pilots’ instances, according to a analyze posted in Science Robotics this past July. And it can replicate that excellent route accurately, which is a little something individuals can’t do. There’s still just one way that we have the higher hand about machines, even though: Individuals can believe on the fly, though the algorithm at the moment requirements about an hour to estimate its trajectory. But if that dilemma can be solved, we may perhaps just one day see algorithm-controlled drones delivering our deals.

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