Nomad Basestation Pro review: A premium price for a premium experience Review

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The dream of acquiring a solitary flat surface which is capable of wirelessly charging any system you place on it without any fussing or lining it up is one particular that is ultimately inside access.  Apple experimented with it with its announced — then canceled — AirPower wi-fi charging pad. […]

The dream of acquiring a solitary flat surface which is capable of wirelessly charging any system you place on it without any fussing or lining it up is one particular that is ultimately inside access. 

Apple experimented with it with its announced — then canceled — AirPower wi-fi charging pad. And although there has been a great deal of 3-in-one particular wi-fi charging pads produced given that then, none of them have definitely allowed you to freely place a system on the pad and walk away, recognizing it’s being billed. 

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I very first advised you about Aira’s FreePower know-how in January, when the corporation, together with its very first partner, Nomad, unveiled know-how that enables for additional totally free placement on a wi-fi charging pad, or in this situation, the BaseStation Professional. 

I patiently waited to see the very first system to use Aira’s know-how, and very last month, an early sample of the BaseStation Professional — a $229 total-surface wi-fi charger — confirmed up at my doorway. 

For the previous month, I have been making use of the Professional on my desk to preserve my units topped off, and I have to acknowledge, it’s great. 


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There ended up some problems with the firmware early on, leading to the pad to get perplexed and gradual down the charging level for all units put on it when one particular system indicated it was totally billed. But one particular huge benefit of the know-how designed into the solution is that Aira can release firmware updates to take care of problems. A couple of weeks right after I begun screening, I was capable to use a device to install the new firmware on my wi-fi charging pad in beneath a minute. 

Pursuing that update, the quantity of slowdowns I expert experienced lessened, but the issue was however present. Even so, just as I was ending the original variation of this overview, Nomad and Aira pushed out but another update — the identical one particular which is set up on the units shipping to shoppers suitable now — and it’s vastly improved the total working experience. 

Just take a action back and feel about that for a transient 2nd: You happen to be capable to update the firmware on your wi-fi charging pad, fixing any problems, and bettering on the total solution. I will not know of another wi-fi charging pad that has the identical capability. 

There are a total of eighteen coils in the pad, covering almost all of the pad. There is a border all over the edge of the leather pad. I’d guess it’s fifty percent-an-inch. It’s proficiently a lifeless zone, where a system would not cost. Even so, when you are inside that ring, you can place and placement up to 3 units even so you would like.


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I typically use the pad to cost my Iphone 11 Professional Max, my AirPods Professional, and an Android system. In total, the pad can present up to 22.5W of electrical power or 7.5W for every system on the pad. Even so, that 7.5W speed will only be obtainable to iPhones. If you are charging an accent like AirPods or Android system, you are likely to max out at 5W. 

It’s not the fastest wi-fi charging pad by any usually means, but the notion is that you are going to passively cost your units overnight, as you snooze, or although you are sitting down at your desk. There are far too lots of lingering challenges for working with heat, and escalating the total output of the pad, boosts these challenges. 

Speaking of heat, there just isn’t a admirer inside the Basestation Professional to help dissipate the heat. You are going to uncover that what ever system you are charging does experience somewhat warm right after it’s been charging for an prolonged sum of time, but I haven’t uncovered it worrisome or problematic. There is certainly always some heat developed when charging, be it wirelessly or with a conventional cable. 

If you are in a rush and have to have to promptly cost your system, you can use the electrical power connector that connects to the Basestation Professional — it’s a 30W adapter with a USB-C to USB-C cable, which allows almost everyone but Iphone homeowners. 


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There is certainly a solitary USB-C port on the back that powers the overall pad, and 3 indicator lights on the front. Each and every gentle corresponds to a zone, or about one particular-third, of the pad. If you place a system on the suitable side of the station, for example, the gentle on the much suitable lights up to permit you know a system is detected and charging. 

It’s exactly what Apple promised AirPower would be, short of being capable to cost the Apple Check out. Nomad is which include a totally free Apple Check out mount that attaches to the back of the Basestation and takes advantage of your conventional Apple Check out charger. 

At $229, the Basestation Professional falls into the luxurious category of wi-fi chargers. But it also gives an working experience not like any other wi-fi charger obtainable suitable now. You simply just place your system on the pad, and a handful of seconds afterwards it’s charging. Repeat that two additional situations, without seriously caring all that substantially about its exact positioning, and it almost feels like we’re living in the upcoming.

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