RagnarLocker joins increasingly threatening ransomware syndicate

Nancy J. Delong

The ransomware syndicate created by the operators of the Maze ransomware has extra another team to its ranks.

Ransomware functions that goal small business networks will often steal a victim’s unencrypted information just before encrypting the relaxation of their network. Cybercriminals do this so that they can use these information as leverage in case victims fall short to spend its ransoms. If the ransom is not paid out, then the unencrypted information will be leaked online through a facts leak internet site.

Previous yr, the Maze ransomware team released a facts leak internet site of its own called Maze News which it utilizes to shame victims into spending by publicly releasing their stolen facts. Nevertheless, the team took issues a action additional not long ago when it made the decision to produce a ransomware syndicate with other ransomware operators to exchange ways, intelligence and extort victims by its facts leak platform.

Ransomware syndicate

The operators of the LockBit ransomware were the first team to be part of Maze’s ransomware syndicate but now another competing ransomware team named RagnarLocker has joined as perfectly. In a article on Twitter, Ransom Leaks delivered additional specifics on the latest member of the ‘cartel’, declaring:

“The MazeRansomware cartel is serious. In addition to LockBit, they are offering infrastructure for RagnarLocker’s leaks. Ragnar formerly claimed Brunner breach. Now it is mentioned on Maze’s leak internet site with attribution to RagnarLocker”

Whilst LockBit does not operate its own facts leak internet site, RagnarLocker does which suggests the team has a lot less to get by signing up for the syndicate. Nevertheless, RagnarLocker could still be benefiting from the arrangement by being affiliated with the Maze gang and by sharing ways and intelligence with it and LockBit.

At this time, it is still unfamiliar how the Maze gang benefits from its ransomware syndicate but the team could be collecting a portion of the income from the stolen facts auctioned off on its Maze News internet site. Also, there is energy in quantities in addition to the benefits of sharing intelligence and exchanging ways with other cybercriminals.

Via BleepingComputer

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