Robot Sings and Composes Music, with Album to be Released on Spotify

Nancy J. Delong

The most recent update to the marimba-actively playing robotic formulated by Georgia Tech’s Middle for Audio Technological innovation has Shimon (robot’s name) composing, actively playing and singing totally authentic songs, with an album (named Into your Intellect) scheduled for launch through Spotify next month.

A essential reason powering the robot’s success – apart from currently being properly trained on a dataset of 50,000 lyrics from jazz, prog rock, and hip-hop – is Shimon’s awareness of semantics. Compared with most of its friends, Shimon can both recognise and produce additional basic themes – a significant step up from just producing a hodge-podge of words that typically seem next to each individual other in songs.

“Shimon has choices in direction of retaining the similar sentiment, or gradually shifting sentiment as properly as seeking to preserve rhymes going between lines,” claimed just one of the robot’s creators Richard Savery. “For Shimon, good lyrics need to rhyme, preserve some main thematic tips going, keep a related sentiment, and have some similarity to existing lyrics”.

The upcoming album will be a solution of human-robotic collaboration. In get to compose new lyrics, Shimon will deliver thousands of phrases based on provided essential words and then proceed to string together a coherent song.

The singing robotic Shimon is set to drop its new album on Spotify on ten April 2020. Graphic: Georgia Tech through YouTube

In addition to its new resourceful capabilities, the updated model of Shimon also has brushless DC motors that can assist a lot more rapidly placing (up to 30 hits for every second), as properly as a wider and additional linear dynamic selection. This not only enables for a lot richer musical expression, but also supplies an possibility for building new, humanly extremely hard, timbres and sonorities.

The team is at the moment doing the job on further more additions to Shimon’s repertoire, these as the capacity to pay attention to, comprehend, and react to lyrics in authentic time. The style to be explored for these applications? Rap battles. Useless to say, the upcoming model of Shimon is going to be additional impressive still, or at the pretty the very least even additional entertaining.

“We hope both audiences and musicians will see Shimon as an expressive and resourceful musician, who can comprehend and link to audio like we individuals do, but also has a peculiar and distinctive intellect that can shock and encourage us to pay attention to, perform, and assume about audio in new strategies,” claimed co-creator of the robotic Gil Weinberg.


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