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If you’re completely ready to hit the open up highway with your RV, camper, or trailer, you’re in for a great journey.  Nonetheless, if you really do not have a relaxed mattress to sleep on, you may perhaps also be in for great discomfort.  Whether or not you will be traveling in your RV for a couple times or a couple months, getting a mattress that is relaxed and supportive to assistance your entire body recover following a long day driving or checking out is a should.  

Most RV mattresses are not the exact same size as typical mattresses (because of to height or size constraints).  This can make shopping for the most effective RV mattress a bit of a challenge.  Though the amount of RV mattress alternatives is far more limited than what you will obtain when shopping for your bed room at dwelling, there are continue to plenty of great options out there to look at.  We’ve pulled alongside one another a list of the most effective RV mattresses on the current market to assistance you obtain the 1 that will give the perfect suit for both of those your RV and your ease and comfort and assist wants. 

What is an RV Mattress?

An RV mattress is particularly what it seems like:  a mattress for an RV, trailer, or camper.  The mattresses that are bundled with many RVs are often quite thin and not quite relaxed.  Lots of folks determine to make the time expended in their RV far more pleasant by deciding on a far more relaxed and supportive RV mattress.  

RVs are substantially far more limited in house than houses, of course, and many won’t suit typical-sized mattresses.  RV mattresses are often substantially shorter or even narrower than typical mattresses to permit them to suit into the spaces accessible in an RV. 

For case in point, while a typical queen size mattress is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, a shorter queen mattress, which is far more commonly found in RVs, has the exact same width but is five or 6 inches shorter. 

The Finest RV Mattresses

If you’re completely ready to up grade your sleep experience in your RV, deciding on 1 of the mattresses highlighted beneath can assistance you attain that target.  Which of these mattresses do you see your self snoozing in for your next highway trip? 

GhostBed RV Mattress

GhostBed is a properly-identified mattress enterprise, but did you know that they also make an RV mattress?  The 10-inch GhostBed RV mattress options a 4-layer layout to assistance folks sleep easily in their RV, trailer, or camper.  

The mattress’s address is crafted applying a polyester and viscose mix that is both of those tender and strong.  Just beneath the address is the 2-inch Ghost Bounce foam layer.  This proprietary product is contouring and responsive to cradle each and every particular person and adjust promptly to placement improvements all over the evening. 

A 2-inch gel memory foam layer will come next.  The open up-cell gel memory foam boosts the mattress’s capability to contour to each and every entire body and alleviate pressure position discomfort.  On top of that, this layer helps to hold folks from getting way too warm as they sleep the gel in the memory foam pulls heat absent from a entire body and the open up-cell layout stops it from getting trapped in the mattress. 

Lastly, a 6-inch higher-density base rounds out the mattress.  This foam main contributes to the total toughness and lifespan of the mattress while also encouraging it deliver sufficient assist to sleepers to hold their backbone in alignment.  

Concerning the contouring gel memory foam, Ghost Bounce foam, and supportive foam main, the GhostBed RV is a major RV mattress for back discomfort. 

The GhostBed RV mattress is rated involving a 7 and an 8 out of 10 on the ease and comfort scale.  You can acquire this mattress in both of those shorter queen and shorter king measurements, two of the far more well-known RV mattress measurements that can be demanding to obtain.  So, if you’re on the lookout for the most effective shorter queen RV mattress, be confident to look at striving the GhostBed RV.

If you determine to check out the GhostBed RV, your acquire will be secured by a 101-evening sleep demo and a twenty-yr warranty.  GhostBed also incorporates fast and cost-free transport with all mattress purchases.

 PlushBeds Eco Green 8-Inch Normal Latex RV Mattress

People today on the lookout for the most effective RV queen mattress need to choose a look at what PlushBeds has to give.  The enterprise gives a couple various RV mattresses like the Eco Green Normal Latex mattress.  If you’re acquainted with the Eco Bliss mattress produced by Plush Beds, then you will really like this RV-helpful model. 

Like all of the mattresses produced by PlushBeds, the Eco Green is cost-free of fiberglass, PBDE flame retardants, weighty metals, chlorofluorocarbons, chloroform, methylene chloride, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates, and other harmful chemical compounds.  This mattress has also gained GreenGuard Gold certification to deliver you with further self-confidence that you won’t be respiration in anything most likely hazardous while you sleep in your RV. 

The Eco Green RV mattress has an 8-inch profile showcasing levels of pure latex and CertiPUR-US-licensed Plushfoam.  The latex and foam levels function alongside one another to evenly distribute an individual’s entire body excess weight as they relaxation.  This even excess weight distribution helps to alleviate pressure factors and be certain the hips, back, shoulders, and knees get the assist they will need to remain relaxed. 

People today who have a tendency to get way too warm overnight may perhaps also obtain that this is a excellent mattress for them.  PlushBeds extra many air flow holes in the latex to aid bigger airflow all over the mattress.  The air flow holes also function to pull heat absent from folks as they sleep, making it possible for them to remain amazing and relaxed all evening long. 

One more profit of deciding on this mattress from PlushBeds is that is hypoallergenic.  Latex is the natural way hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant against mildew and dust mites.  If you or a loved 1 suffers from allergies, this mattress may perhaps be a great choice for you to look at. 

You can acquire the Eco Green mattress is twin, RV particular, total, queen, shorter queen, and king measurements.  PlushBeds incorporates a 100-evening demo, twenty-yr warranty, and cost-free transport with all orders. 

PlushBeds Neat Bliss 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

Whether or not you’re searching for the most effective RV mattress shorter queen or an additional RV size, choose a look at the Neat Bliss 8-inch Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress from PlushBeds.  As the identify suggests, this mattress is made to hold folks from getting way too warm as they sleep.  It can be a great addition for RV journey, specifically for the duration of these warm summer season evenings out on the highway.  

The mattress is crafted applying PlushBeds’ patented open up-cell gel memory foam.  The particular layout of this foam lets the mattress to dissipate entire body heat up to a few moments a lot quicker than other gel memory foams utilised to make mattresses.  The gel memory foam product also is effective to wick absent moisture and delivers enhanced air move the perfect combination for amazing and relaxed sleep.  

In addition to the gel memory foam layer, the Neat Bliss mattress also options a higher-density Plushfoam main.  The mattress’s main is layout to deliver pressure position aid and be certain that folks come to feel supported as they relaxation.  

You really do not will need to be concerned about the safety of the foam utilised by PlushBeds.  The mattress has gained both of those CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold certifications, so you can come to feel self-confident that you are not respiration in anything hazardous to your well being.  As with all other mattresses from PlushBeds, the Neat Bliss mattress is also cost-free of fiberglass, PBDE flame retardants, weighty metals, and other harmful chemical compounds. 

The Neat Bliss RV mattress is accessible in twin, RV particular, total, queen, shorter queen, and king measurements.  PlushBeds incorporates a 100-evening demo, twenty-yr warranty, and cost-free transport with just about every acquire. 

PlushBeds Primary 6-Inch MobilePlush RV Mattress

Subsequent, choose a look at the PlushBeds Primary 6-inch Cellular Plush RV Mattress.  This mattress is crafted applying CertiPUR-US- and GreenGuard Gold-licensed memory foam.  The particular Plushfoam memory foam product, which PlushBeds has patented, is effective to deliver assist for each and every particular person as they sleep to hold their backbone aligned and alleviate pressure position discomfort. 

With its 6-inch height, the MobilePlush is a great choice to look at for tighter spaces, these types of as bunks in an RV.  The Plushfoam memory foam also options an open up-cell construction that is effective to move heat out of the mattress.  Compared with other memory foam resources that can entice heat and make folks overheat as they sleep, this mattress will permit you to remain amazing as you relaxation.  

The MobilePlush RV mattress won’t sag, which is also various from many other RV mattresses you will obtain.  With the dense cell construction of the Plushfoam, the mattress often returns to its unique type following use. 

The MobilePlush mattress is hypoallergenic, cost-free of destructive odors, and environmentally helpful.  It is produced with out the use of any destructive fillers, harmful chemical compounds, or fiberglass, making it possible for you to breathe straightforward figuring out you are not endangering your well being as you sleep.  

Your acquire of the MobilePlush RV mattress incorporates a threat-cost-free 100-evening demo, a twenty-yr warranty, and cost-free transport. 

PlushBeds Deluxe 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress

Lastly, you may perhaps also want to choose a look at the Deluxe 8-inch Memory Foam RV Mattress from PlushBeds.  This mattress is produced applying CertiPUR-US- and GreenGuard Gold-licensed Plushfoam memory foam.  

The Plushfoam’s layout incorporates billions of open up cells, making it possible for it to be virtually a few moments as dense as typical foam.  With its amplified density, the Plushfoam is able to give top-quality assist and pressure aid to be certain folks sleep easily on their RV mattress.  The open up-cell layout of the Plushfoam also lets it to launch heat, fairly than retaining it, to hold folks from overheating as they relaxation. 

PlushBeds’ Memory Foam Mattress is made with a patented Eco Fireplace Barrier produced applying pure plant fibers, fairly than fiberglass or chemical flame retardants.  The mattress is also cost-free of weighty metals, formaldehyde, chloroform, and other harmful chemical compounds you would not want to breathe in as you sleep.  On top of that, this mattress is also hypoallergenic and eco-helpful. 

Try out the Deluxe 8-inch Memory Foam RV Mattress in a twin, RV particular, total, queen, shorter queen, or king size.  As with all other RV mattresses from PlushBeds, your acquire incorporates a 100-evening threat-cost-free demo, a twenty-yr warranty, and cost-free transport. 

RV Mattress Getting Guidebook

Choosing an RV mattress is a big final decision.  You want to make confident that the mattress you acquire meets, or even exceeds, your expectations.  Prior to including a mattress to your on the web shopping cart, use the buying information beneath to assistance you detect critical factors you will want to look at as you shop. 

Mattress Form

As with other mattresses on the current market, there are various styles of RV mattresses to pick out from.  Here are some of the mattress styles you can pick out from when shopping for your RV:

·        Foam:  Foam mattresses are a well-known choice for RV proprietors.  They are lightweight, which signifies they won’t incorporate as substantially excess weight to the RV.  Their lighter excess weight coupled with their overall flexibility also signifies that foam mattresses are much easier to maneuver into tighter spaces in an RV.  Memory foam is the most widespread product utilised for foam mattresses.  The memory foam may perhaps be infused with copper, gel, or other cooling resources to hold the mattress from retaining heat. 

·        Hybrid:  Hybrid RV mattresses have coils like an innerspring mattress with a memory foam or latex ease and comfort layer.  Hybrid mattresses are typically far more breathable than all foam mattresses, which can make them a far better alternative for folks who get way too warm as they sleep. 

·        Latex:  Latex RV mattresses can give related contouring to a memory foam mattress.  Nonetheless, considering that latex lets far more airflow than memory foam, latex mattresses really do not retain heat.  Latex is a pure, sustainable product that is quite strong.  Latex mattresses often final lengthier than other mattress styles. 

·        Innerspring:  Innerspring mattresses have a tendency to have a lower profile, which signifies they will suit easily into most spaces in an RV.  The coils in an innerspring mattress make them quite breathable and permit for plenty of airflow.  Nonetheless, in comparison to hybrid mattresses, innerspring mattresses have a substantially thinner ease and comfort layer.  This signifies they typically give much less contouring and cradling than you will be able to love with a hybrid, latex, or foam mattress. 

·        Air:  Lastly, air mattresses are made with adjustable air chambers.  This lets each and every particular person to customize the firmness degree of the mattress to match their choices.  Though airbeds can be found in some RVs, it is scarce.  Electrical power is demanded for most airbeds to operate. 


When shopping for an RV mattress, the initial factor you will will need to do is measure to confirm the proportions of the current mattress.  RV mattresses are arrive in a variety of measurements.  In many instances, RV mattresses are not the exact same size as a typical mattress.  Underneath you will obtain some widespread RV measurements and their proportions.  As you can see, even underneath the exact same identify, there may perhaps be various size alternatives to look at.

·        RV twin:  38 inches by seventy five inches, 38 inches by 80 inches, 39 inches by seventy five inches, Or 40 inches by 80 inches

·        RV bunk:  28 inches by seventy five inches, thirty inches by seventy five inches, thirty inches by 80 inches, 34 inches by seventy five inches, OR 35 inches by seventy nine inches

·        RV a few-quarter:  48 inches by seventy five inches OR 48 inches by 80 inches

·        RV total:  53 inches by seventy five inches, 54 inches by seventy five inches, OR fifty five inches by seventy five inches

·        RV shorter queen:  60 inches by seventy four inches OR 60 inches by seventy five inches

·        RV queen:  60 inches by 80 inches

·        RV Olympic queen:  66 inches by 80 inches

·        RV shorter king:  72 inches by seventy five inches

·        RV king:  72 inches by 80 inches

·        RV California king:  72 inches by eighty four inches 

In addition to having to pay attention to the proportions of the mattress you will need, also look at how weighty each and every mattress is.  This can be specifically critical if you will need to carry the mattress up to an higher bunk or change it sideways to get as a result of a limited doorway. 

Firmness and Sleeping Place

Maintain your favored sleeping placement in thoughts when on the lookout for a new RV mattress.  Generally speaking, abdomen and back sleepers like firmer mattresses than side sleepers.  Facet sleepers do most effective on a tender or medium-tender mattress that will deliver far more contouring and pressure position aid. 

Meant Location

Lastly, look at the intended place for the mattress in your RV.  Some spaces in an RV are tighter than others, and you may perhaps not have house for a taller mattress.  This can be specifically accurate for bunks, and you may perhaps will need to look for a mattress with a decrease profile to stop the mattress from having up way too substantially house. 

Usually Asked Questions 

Are RV mattresses the exact same size as typical mattresses?

Some RV mattresses are the exact same size as a typical mattress, but not all.  Lots of mattresses made for RVs are shorter, or even narrower, than typical mattresses.  A shorter queen mattress is a widespread RV size.  Shorter queens are five or 6 inches shorter than a typical queen size mattress. 

Will a normal mattress function in an RV?

No, in most instances typical mattresses won’t function in RVs.  Lots of RV mattresses are shorter than a typical mattress because of to size constraints.  Even if your RV can accommodate the size and width of a typical-size mattress, you may perhaps obtain that a mattress made specially for an RV will continue to be a far better alternative.  These mattresses are typically thinner and far more adaptable than typical mattresses, earning it much easier to get them into tighter spaces in an RV. 

What is the difference involving a queen and a shorter queen mattress?

Shorter queen and queen mattresses are both of those 60 inches wide.  Nonetheless, while a queen mattress is 80 inches long, a shorter queen is only seventy four or seventy five inches long. 

How can you make an RV mattress far more relaxed?

If your aged RV mattress isn’t keeping you relaxed, you can look at striving a mattress topper.  Mattress toppers may perhaps be produced of memory foam, cotton, down, latex, gel memory foam, or other resources that are made to modify the come to feel of a mattress.  Most mattress toppers incorporate straps to hold them securely in position over an current mattress. 

What is the most effective RV mattress for back discomfort?

We think the GhostBed RV Mattress is the most effective alternative for these experiencing back discomfort.  The 10-inch mattress has a 4-layer layout showcasing a 2-inch Ghost Bounce Foam layer and 2-inch gel memory foam layer.  These two levels function alongside one another to assistance the mattress deliver contouring, assist, and pressure aid for each and every particular person.

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