The Sims 4: Cottage Living left me wishing for the sweet peck of death

Nancy J. Delong

The Sims expansion packs applied to be activity-transforming. Virtually. When I imagine back to playing the likes of Celebrity, Hot Date or Makin’ Magic, I try to remember pouring hrs into one expansion, never starting to be bored thanks to the infinite possibilities they introduced. Every single served as a standalone activity in its very own suitable, rather than just complementing the base activity encounter.

Speedy-forward to 2021 and matters are a little bit different. We’ve witnessed 3 The Sims base online games produced since these early times, and countless expansions throughout them all – with each and every expansion a fairly much more diluted encounter than the very last. Where by one expansion would cram in a bunch of new material, NPCs and attributes, it now feels as however that one expansion has been chopped up divided up between packs, kits and expansions. These packs become novelties that swiftly put on off, with minor longevity. As a long-time Sims lover it’s been disheartening to see.

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