Top Myths and Facts About Cloud Hosting

Nancy J. Delong
Let's Talk About the Truth Behind the Top 10 Cloud Myths

Cloud Server Hosting is one of the advanced and new-age web hosting services with a completely different server architecture than a traditional web hosting solution. Unlike other hosting services like Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting stores your website’s data and information on multiple servers. 

This unique server architecture ensures high data redundancy, security, and easy scalability—making it an ideal web hosting solution to handle the growing website needs and traffic. 

Thus, a Cloud Web Hosting solution is known for maximum scalability, improved website speed, performance, and data security. However, despite its reliable features, many myths revolve around this web hosting solution. 

This article will bust some of the common myths about Cloud Server Hosting. Let’s begin!

Common myths and facts about Cloud Hosting 

Here’s a look at some Cloud Hosting myths which you need to be aware of. 

  1. Cloud Server Hosting may be unreliable 

The fact is Cloud Hosting’s unique server architecture makes it the most reliable and secure web hosting service than many traditional hosting solutions, especially Shared Hosting. 

According to Berkaweb, Cloud Hosting adoption is growing at an exceptionally faster rate of 18.3% CAGR—replacing the Shared Hosting service. 

This is because since the website data is stored on multiple servers through data mirroring—it ensures maximum uptime and availability of your website. Even if one server fails or malfunctions, the data is restored from other servers—keeping your website up and accessible without even a second of website downtime. 

  1. Migrating to Cloud Hosting may result in downtime 

Generalising this notion about all Cloud Hosting plans is wrong, as the migration depends on one web hosting provider to another. 

With a reliable web hosting company, you get a smooth website migration service with no risks of downtimes or website unavailability. The hosting company’s technical support team and professionals make migration feel like a breeze of air, assisting you at every step.  

  1. Cloud Server Hosting is not sustainable 

Cloud Hosting eliminates the need to maintain and manage a physical server and hardware to host a single website. 

In addition, the best Cloud Hosting service providers offer SSD (Solid State Drive) Cloud Hosting solutions that are highly sustainable and offer a boosted website speed, security, and performance than the traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive). 

This feature makes Cloud Hosting an environment-friendly and sustainable web hosting service. 

  1. Cloud Hosting is an expensive hosting solution

This is none less than a myth because Cloud Hosting is an affordable and cost-effective web hosting service than other traditional hosting solutions like Dedicated or VPS Hosting. 

It may cost more than Shared Hosting, but it offers features like easy scalability, maximum data security, faster page loading speed, and other in-built features—offering the best value for money in the longer run. 


Gartner’s report suggests that 80% of organisations will shut down traditional data centres by 2025. This statistic shows that hosting companies are more focusing on investing in Cloud-based Servers than traditional Hosting Servers. 

The growth of Cloud Hosting solutions is faster than ever. They offer reliable uptime, sustainability, data security, and more at a much budget-friendly rate. 

Hence, contact your hosting provider and buy Cloud Hosting services to aid your business growth and to offer reliable performance and exceptional user experience to your website visitors. 

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