Vizio V-series (2021): Budget TV with midrange features

Nancy J. Delong

Vizio generally stacks its TVs with great functions for the rate and the V-Series, its most-affordable Television with 4K resolution and HDR, suits the mould. New for this 12 months is a Bluetooth voice remote, although players and image tweakers will value its small input lag for gaming and considerable image changes. Its SmartCast good Television technique has a strong assortment of constructed in applications and great gadget compatibility way too, but it really is however not as great as the rival Roku technique. 


  • Outstanding functions for a small rate
  • Voice remote with Bluetooth
  • Heaps of image changes

You should not Like

  • Only typical efficiency
  • HDR doesn’t search considerably superior than SDR
  • Worst constructed-in streaming than Roku

Image high-quality on the V-series is relatively typical, not superior or even worse than many others in its rate range, however that however implies a vivid, coloration-correct image with a respectable black amount and contrast. I when compared its image to its closest competitor, the TCL four-Series, and although the V-series was a tiny dimmer, side-by-side they are pretty much indistinguishable.

That TCL, which operates on a Roku interface, is a tiny less complicated to use and has a more complete assortment of streaming providers, but not as lots of changes for those who want to wonderful-tune their TV’s image. If you know your way all over your Television settings and like dialing in your image modes, the Vizio is the superior choice. On the other hand if the rate involving the two is a wash, I give the TCL a slight edge over-all many thanks to Roku Television.

The 2021 V-Series is offered in measurements from 43 to seventy five inches and costs involving $340 and $920. I reviewed the 55-inch model, which is at the moment offered for all over $440.

Bluetooth remote, full with Vizio voice

While the V-series lacks the action-up options observed on better-finish Vizios like the M- and P-Series — things like next-gen gaming perks, local dimming, wide coloration gamut or tons of light — it does have the firm’s brand new voice remote. That new clicker is a single of greatest differences involving the V-series and TCL’s four-Series, and Vizio has the advantage. The TCL’s remote feels cheap, is IR (infrared) only and lacks voice ability. 

Meanwhile Vizio’s remote feels like it came with a (a little) more expensive product. It has equally IR and Bluetooth, so you only need to have to level it at the Television when you switch it on. It also has voice management, so you can have the Television transform inputs, look for for information and more. It doesn’t have devoted playback buttons, contrary to the TCL, which is a bit disappointing — you use the primary directional pad to management play/pause, rewind and many others. 

The voice management through the remote operates well, about as well as Roku’s variation on products that have it (or via a action-up remote). Most practical is getting in a position to look for for reveals and more. For instance, you can hold down the button and say “Ted Lasso” and the clearly show will come up with a backlink to the place you can locate it. In that situation, just Apple Television Furthermore, but when a clearly show/movie is offered on various platforms, you can pick the a single you want and the Television will navigate right there with the push of a button. This voice look for may well look like a slight point, but as soon as you get employed to it, heading back to the outdated way (like TCL’s four-Series remote) looks archaic.


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Vizio’s remote reserves primary button placement for Vizio’s “absolutely free Television” services which has a hodgepodge of absolutely free-to-watch information in a primary-cable kind of way. I suppose more absolutely free information is a great point, but you’ll most likely push this button by accident way more than you’d ever essentially watch this information. 

Most of the well-liked streaming providers are constructed-in to Vizio SmartCast, including Netflix, of program, alongside with Disney Furthermore, Vudu, Amazon Key. The TV’s interface minimizes their great importance, rather drawing your aim to huge banners on the leading that characteristic precise reveals and videos which look like adverts (which, of program, they are). Nonetheless, this has the optimistic impact of producing it look like there is generally something offered to watch and it adjustments on a regular basis, contrary to the more staid and static Roku interface on the TCL.

Just one services that is notably missing is HBO Max. Nonetheless, you can install the HBO application on your cellular phone/pill and forged that to the Television working with both Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. That just isn’t a huge offer for the common tech-savvy CNET reader, but if you are considering this Television for your mothers and fathers/grandparents and they need to have their typical repair of The Wire or Oz, this additional action might be frustrating.

Connections and gaming functions

The rest of Vizio’s functions and connections are primary as well, with the exception of offered Variable Refresh Fee with AMD FreeSync on two 70-inch and seventy five-inch styles — the V706-J and V756-J — in the series. The other two V-series TVs in those measurements, the V705-J and V755-J, lack VRR. Players who want VRR really should note that those action-up”6″ styles, like all of the V-series, are however 60Hz TVs — to get 120Hz input and VRR, you’ll need to have to action up to the P-series.

I failed to check those styles, but on the 55-inch model I did check, input lag with Recreation Lower Latency method enabled is small, all over 14ms.

The Vitality Star score is on the model I reviewed is mid-pack, at $22 for every 12 months. For comparison, the 55-inch TCL four-Series is $12 for every 12 months, so not a massive difference.

  • HDMI inputs: three (one with eARC)
  • Composite analog input
  • USB port: (.9A electrical power)
  • World-wide-web: Wired and 802.11n twin-band wireless
  • Antenna input
  • Analog audio output
  • Optical digital audio output
  • Speakers: two downward-dealing with downward dealing with)

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Pleasant setup, heaps of settings

The Vizio potential customers you by means of the initial setup methods with huge helpful menus. After you get to the primary house display, there is a great deal thrown at you at as soon as. As talked about earlier mentioned, that does give it a much more dynamic experience than the primary unexciting blocks of the Roku interface. 

Just one of the primary things that separates the Vizio from the TCL are much more considerable image settings. While the TCL doesn’t go considerably outside of the principles, the Vizio has changes for noise reduction settings, resolution/element enhancements and more. It allows you tweak the image to a diploma more common of a better-finish Television. 

Like the TCL four-Series, the Vizio will detect a 24p signal and regulate its refresh and backlight to cut down judder. This is not the cleaning soap opera impact. In contrast to the TCL, the Vizio presents you the choice to switch this off if you discover any problem, or want more juddery motion more like a traditional Television.

Image high-quality comparisons

The most direct competitor to the Vizio V-series is TCL’s 55S435, which is roughly ten% cheaper at the time I analyzed it. The Samsung QN55Q60A is that firm’s entry-amount QLED model, however even so it really is virtually 2 times the rate of the V-series. It truly is listed here to give you an plan what paying more can get you.  For my side-by-side comparison, I linked all three TVs through a Monoprice 1×4 distribution amplifier and viewed them all in a row.

The Vizio and TCL seemed incredibly, incredibly very similar. Even though the TCL is a very small bit brighter, side-by-side you really can not notify that. It truly is also close sufficient that is it really is most likely within the range of common unit-to-unit variation. Or to put it more only, over-all they are about the exact same brightness. The TCL’s colors are a tiny more correct out of the box, but all over again, they are so close you’d be challenging pressed to select a single over the other. 


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Color and brightness are the two things you get stepping up to the Samsung. It truly is about 15% brighter than the TCL with non-HDR information, which by itself is about ten% brighter than the Vizio. So involving the Vizio and the Samsung, that is a obvious difference. Color is more obvious, however, at the very least with HDR. With typical Hd and 4K information, they are all about the exact same. With HDR the Samsung has significantly deeper, richer colors. It also has superior brightness with HDR, getting in a position to pump out over 400 nits, virtually double that of the other two. Does that superior HDR efficiency make it worthy of virtually 2 times the money? Not in my reserve. 

Like virtually all LCDs, off-axis efficiency just isn’t wonderful. Which is to say, if you have a vast couch, or grandpa likes to sit in his lounger off to the side, any individual not right in front of the Television has a significantly even worse image. In this way, however, it really is about the exact same as the TCL and Samsung however. 

Due to the fact the V-series just isn’t capable of accomplishing considerably with HDR information, missing equally the brightness and the expanded coloration capabilities of a “genuine” HDR Television, it really is great that does a wonderful position remapping HDR information to be watchable within these limits. You can dial in how vivid the over-all image seems to be and in basic it does a superior position with this than the TCL. Not a massive difference, but a obvious a single side-by-side. 

What budget Television to get?

The Vizio V-series and the TCL four-Series are brothers from other moms, sisters from other misters. They are much more very similar than they are diverse. The TCL is a tiny brighter, the Vizio has a tiny superior contrast ratio. In equally circumstances, it really is challenging to discover even side-by-side. The Roku interface is superior and has fairly considerably just about every streaming choice offered. Vizio’s remote is superior, however, equally with its Bluetooth and voice capabilities.

Apart from good Television devices, greatest difference is almost certainly the settings, of which the Vizio has more image high-quality adjustment options than the simplistic-by-style and design TCL. So if you know your way all over a Television menu, or want to be in a position to dial in the image even on an reasonably priced Television, the Vizio is the superior preference, as prolonged as you do not mind an additional hoop or two to watch HBO.

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